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The factories don't make the instruments perfectly?




After 62 years of repairing instruments, I've gotten pretty good at it.


Along the way on instrument after instrument we have been faced with "Can you make my C better?", or "It's just too stuffy."  untold numbers of times.


Good, fair, complaints!


As the youngest Benge Agent in the country, in 1972, I used to take Benge and Schilke trumpets to Chris Bogios from the San Francisco Symphony to test them. He taught my roommate trumpet at San Jose State. I would test them myself  before and after until I could know just what Chris would say every time. Along the way, I started to realize that even GREAT factory horns, would have minor problems in them. I would fix these and then test them again.


I was a Master Mouthpiece Maker and very aware of how a 1/2 thousandth of an inch difference could effect how something played.


I was part of the Steven L Terry Custom Trombone Company - Steve was GOOD!


I spent 26 years mentored by Ralph Morgan, the retired Chief Woodwind Technician of Selmer USA. We spent many hours hashing over solutions and improvements to horns customers brought in. We also designed products together.


I've been a design consultant with the industry since the '70's.


I also make my own line of really fine instruments, that are much easier to learn on and more and more pros are getting very excited about them.


But what if you say to me; "My parents gave me this horn when I was 16 and I just treasure it! Can you make it better Kurt?"




I can make just about any brass or woodwind instrument play better. Often, it isn't even expensive.


Bring your instrument in and I will evaluate it. If I think it will play a lot better and it is worth it, I will tell you so.


If I think it is wisest not to spend the money, I will tell you so.


If I am not sure, I will list the pros and cons, as I see it, and we can talk about it.


I mean about every wind instrument in the band - anything!


(It IS a good idea to call first, as I may advize you to clean the bore first on brasses -- but CALL first for advice on how to do that!) (831) 920 -1883      Kurt

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