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Flute Lessons

Mr. Heisig studied primarily with Joan Butterfield and Alvin Cromwell on flute, and started teaching flute at Bethany Bible College in 1972.

His teachers traced back to Taffanel the founder of "The French Flute School" at the Paris Conservatory in the late 1800's.


Claims of teaching "The French Flute School" are common in Colleges, but it is not always what Taffanel taught.


Joan studied with Moyse, who studied with Taffanel. She also studied with Kincaid, who studied with Barrere who brought the French Flute School to America from his teacher Taffanel. Cromwell learned "The French Flute School" from Hanson, probably in 1948. We used to joke that he met Hanson the night I was born (see stories.)


The things that were taught to Joan and Alvin that were stressed as being the secrets of "The French Flute School" by their teachers WERE IDENTICAL.


That is what we teach - "The French Flute School.


At one point back in the '70's Mr Heisig had 39 Powell Flutes on back order. That was more than anyone in the world. We also had several Brannen-Cooper Flutes on back order. When Powell changed their design, Mr. Heisig dropped the orders!!


Now we make our own flutes and students find out that Mr Heisig is uniquely qualified as a flute instructor, as he really understands flutes.



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