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Saxophone Lessons

The essential thing is that the student play musically and acoustically correctly.


Mr Heisig has been a University teacher and has been teaching Saxophone over 54 years. He has played Symphony, Symphonic Band, Solo, Sax Quartet, Chamber Music, Jazz Bands, Combos, Gospel TV,  he KNOWS Saxophone!


Mr. Heisig's students have Played all over the world and include well known individuals as Tom Politzer with Tower of Power, Mauro Di Gioia with Reed Geek, and Ron McNair who took the first Saxophone into Space.


They have Played, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Blues, Gospel, Symphony, Chamber Music, Symphonic Bands, Sax Quartets, and taught all levels from elementary to College. They have also been repairmen, manufacturers and instrument makers.


As a Master Mouthpiece Maker for 51 years and custom repairman and Saxophone Maker,  Mr Heisig KNOWS saxophone!


Mr Heisig also mentors students through college.


He studied with:


Al Anthony, - Lead Alto with Stan Kenton


Ray Pizzi,  - Woody Herman, Dinah Shore Show, Burt Bacharach, Henry Mancini, Dizzy Gillespie


Bill Trimble ,  - SJSU


Harvey Pittel, - Famous concert artist


Clinics, observation, and time with Sigurd Rascher and Joseph Allard.


Many famous pros come to him to solve problems, or just hang out.











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