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Kurt Heisig Music


We are a LOCAL music store.


We have the kind of service that Americans and other peoples EXPECT.


Our owner is a Master Craftsman who Is a Master Repairman, Master Mouthpiece Maker, and Instrument Maker. He was also trained as a Big Band Player, Concert Artist, and Symphony Player.


Mr. Heisig has taught 60 years and his students play professionally all over the world on both woodwind and brass instruments.


He studied with a very long list of famous teachers --- see "studied with".


We believe in old-fashioned COMPETENT  expertise in all areas of what we do. 60 years ago this was normal across the country in many cities. Today the industry has lost its' way and for the most part no longer makes good instruments. (Fake instruments??). Mr. Heisig took the time to learn. He was part of the Steven Terry Trombone Company, knew the great Oboist Stephen Adelstein from whom he learned a great deal about reeds in their 24 year friendship. (He had already been giving college reed clinics for 20 years when he met Steve, but deferred  to Professor Adelstein.) Claude Gordon was the greatest trumpet designer in the world and shared his secrets with Mr. Heisig who was Claude's personal trumpet tester. Ralph Morgan had been the Chief Woodwind designer with the "big company" and his father had been the Chief Woodwind designer with Conn. Ralph shared everything he knew about the industry with Mr. Heisig over 25 plus years.


Mr. Heisig is STILL doing research in acoustical designs.


We can make almost any instrument significantly better than the factory made it.



are what you can expect at Kurt Heisig Music. Just like the old days.




A local music store, with a

World-Wide Clientele.

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